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Gluten Free Bars and Biscuits Products

Leda nutrition one among the leading Gluten and dairy producers started their manufacturing business way back in 1996. The main mission was to cater to dietary and healthier snacking alternatives. Leda nutrition provides a varied range of dairy free and gluten snack that is catered to the entire population who want to lead a healthier life. The varied range of snack includes Leda gluten free products, Leda biscuits, and Leda snack bars. These products are manufactured in a dairy free and gluten free environment, thereby eliminating the chances of contamination. They are natural based products with minimum processing and preservatives.

Try our Healthier Snacking Alternatives

Leda nutrition developed the first range of dairy free and gluten containing products and were the first one to enter the market of gluten products. Their range of Leda Biscuits, Leda gluten free products and Leda snack bars gained popularity quickly in the market. Their dairy and gluten free snack bars called the “Slim and Natural” revolutionized into the market and offered healthy snacking to the world. No sugar, no fat, Slim and Natural comes in a slice bar and can be consumed as a snack or breakfast bar. It also comes in different fruit flavors like Apple, Cinnamon, Strawberry and Triple berry.

Later in 2006, Leda nutrition also developed chocolate biscuits in the range of gluten free and dairy free products. They come as cream filled delicious, chocolate coated biscuits in different flavors. The flavors available in this range are Mint Chocolate and Double Chocolate. In the further years, Leda also developed cookies lines comprising Choco chips, ginger nuts, coconut and Golden Crunch. Being the leading producers in the line of Leda gluten free products, Leda biscuits and Leda snack bars, Leda nutrition was awarded the winner of “Queensland Super product of the year”, in 2000. In 2005, Leda nutrition was also awarded the “Mayors Innovation award”.

Low Fat and no added Sugar Benefits

Leda nutrition has also diversified and enter into a new line of products that include fruit filled baked soft bars of Apple and Blueberry. These products are dairy free and gluten free and are also free from oil and preservatives. It comes in a super pack of 5 snack bars, 190g per box. There are also Dunkies and Choco chip cookies in this range. Leda nutrition at present produces over 18 products which are sold in Australia and New Zealand. The focus still remains to maintaining and improving the quality and indulge in product innovation.

Leda Nutrition - Gluten Free Biscuits

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