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Supports Healthy Bones and Teeth

Minerals are an important part of a human body. These Lifesprings minerals are from natural sources and add a great value to the human body. In all the major processes of human body, minerals play a very important role. The mineral ions are major contributors and a deficiency of it will have severe consequences.

There are many essential minerals required by the body and equally have a balance among them. The most abundant mineral in the body is calcium. Calcium is the main ingredient of bones and teeth. Calcium strengthens the bone and protects it from being brittle. There are also other major benefits of Lifesprings calcium in the body.

The benefits of calcium can be summarised under the following points:

  • Prevents osteoporosis.
  • Healthy maintenance of teeth and bone.
  • Regulate normal blood pressure.
  • Ensures proper functioning of nerves and muscles.
  • Protects capillaries.
  • Maintains cardiovascular system.

Do your suffer from muscular cramps and spasms

So, Lifesprings calcium has a lot of importance in the body. Calcium is not produced within the human body and therefore needs replenishment. How is it replenished? Definitely the answer is through food or supplements. Direct food intake may not be sufficient to replenish the calcium in the body. Only a part of it can be replenished. However, one can always resort to the supplements available. One such supplement is introduced by Life Springs known as “Calcium +”.

The above product is by Lifesprings and has been in market since 2009. This calcium + is in the form of a colloidal mineral supplement. Colloidal Minerals is referred as a supplement which is in a powdered form and can be easily swallowed. The best part of colloidal minerals is that they can be absorbed easily by the body. There are many such calcium supplements available in the market, then how is life spring’s calcium + different from them.

Colloidal form of Calcium

Most such calcium supplements exist in the form of calcium carbonate and are difficult to digest by most individuals. Poor digestion leads to poor absorption. Another problem also is that some of the supplements are in the form of tablets. The tablet size is too big to be swallowed by young ones and elderly. Therefore, Lifesprings colloidal mineral form of supplement is the best.

Lifesprings Calcium + is a unique colloidal mineral supplement that has a unique therapeutic mixture of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium in the form of oral powder. The presence of vitamin D and magnesium makes the supplement more balanced therapeutically. Calcium + is the market leader now and is strongly recommended, add a style to your health with calcium +.


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