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Health Benefit of Salt Lamps

In today’s age and times when air pollution is exceeding the permissible limits and is contaminating the air not just outside the homes and offices, but also inside, it is necessary to turn attention to those natural elements which fight against air pollutants and provide fresh and healthy air to breathe. Natural salt crystal is one of these natural elements. It often finds its place in homes in the form of beautiful and attractive lamps which not only exude a warm glow but also make the air around more breathable and healthier

Ionise the air and Enjoy the Health Benefits

Apart from air pollution, use of modern electronic devices such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners etc. damage the ion balance in the air by producing and releasing more and more positive ions into the air, thus resulting in constant feeling of lethargy, tiredness and fatigue. Linen Co Salt Crystal lamps aim to combat the side-effects of ion imbalance by releasing negative ions into the air so that the ion balance can be restored and the body can once again feel energetic and refreshed. Keeping the salt crystal lamps on in bedrooms and office cabins ensures that the body is breathing fresh and ionized air for most part of the day, resulting in renewed energy and revitalized health and well-being

Linen Co takes pride in manufacturing authentic salt crystal lamps made from natural Himalayan salt rock crystal. Derived from the lap of the great mountains of the Himalayas and hand crafted with utmost precision and care, Linen Co Salt Crystal Lamps promise unmatched rejuvenation and revitalization of the mind and body by ionizing the air around and restoring the balance of negative ions in the air. Furthermore, these lamps are made available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cater to all kinds of needs and sensibilities. One can find these Linen Co Salt Crystal Lamps in shapes of lotus, elephant, cat, Buddah, dragon egg, Pegasus, pyramid, star, teardrop and turtle. Natural shapes are also available in different size options such as 2-3 kg, 4-6 kg, 6-8 kg etc. All Linen Co Salt Crystal Lamps come with Australia approved globe and cord. Their base is designed to ensure that the lamp always stays safe from the dripping and they can be conveniently cleaned with a plain damp cloth

Sense of Well-being with Salt Lamps

When it comes to health and well-being, air, food and water are three of the most essential factors as they directly affect the inner body organs and organ systems. By using the Linen Co Salt Crystal Lamps, the air factor is definitely taken care of!

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