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Just exactly what is Chai? Well, over most of the globe Chai means ‘tea’. Chai (which is pronounced as a single syllable and rhymes with pie) Tea is an extremely old drink that is well known in almost all cultures.

In our modern society everyone is concerned with the ‘environmental footprint’ today. The people at Love Tea are ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certified a 1% For the Planet member and a Certified Fairtrade blend member.

All of Love Tea packaging are made from recycled material and all of the printing is done with vegetable made ink, they are biodegradable and they can go straight into your compost pile. The company is very cost conscious and do their best to save on heating, cooling and electric whenever it is possible. In their offices they use recycled paper, furniture and equipment to the fullest extent.

All our Blends are made with Love

At Love Tea they are also using as much as possible only green and organic ingredients and reducing many of the harsh chemicals and pesticides to lessen the amount of chemicals that end up in our environment. This is also producing some of the best organic tea products you can find on the market. Within their product line they have many choices and just about every type of tea you could imagine. Here is a list of what you can sort through to see what they have to offer:

  • Matcha
  • Collections
  • Chai teas
  • Naturopathic blends
  • Traditional teas
  • Herbal tisanes
  • Pregnancy range
  • Accessories
  • Gift packs

Another reason to purchase your tea from Love Tea would be that they are a family owned and operated business. They want only to be able to give you the finest blends of tea to share with those you love most. This is why they participate in the Fairtrade practices that are known world-wide.

All Love Chai Love Tea are Certified Organic

Fairtrade certification benefits them in four major ways. They can get higher prices than in typical commodity markets, gives them representation in an otherwise unattainable market, hit helps to make themselves more marketable and finally gives them access to more projects that can seriously help them in so far as health clinics, social services, schools and better roads and sanitation facilities.

So if you are looking some truly great organic tea look no further. You can try one of the many blends or mixes from Love Tea and see what you think. You can’t do any better and you won’t regret your decision.

Love Chai Love Tea

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