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High Quality Functional foods from Loving Earth

You don’t have to wait until January to get started on your New Year’s resolution of giving up processed junk food and of adopting a lifestyle based on natural wholesome foods. Just because you make a resolution to eat only Organic Products, or even to eat only Raw Products, it does not mean that you have to give up your favorite treats.

At Loving Earth, we understand how important it is to eat natural, unprocessed foods. We also understand that there are many different paths to health, and we are here to help you have access to all your favorite healthy foods, whether they are vegan, organic, gluten free, low glycemic index, or any combination thereof.

Loving Earth's Healthy and Sustainable Products

Loving Earth Organic Products range from tea to chocolate to nut butters to natural sugar substitutes that neither contain artificial ingredients nor wreak havoc on your blood sugar the way ordinary table sugar does. We care about not only your health but also the health of our planet. All of our ingredients are grown using sustainable growing methods.

A diet based on Raw Products doesn’t have to mean rabbit food. We offer a variety of raw snacks to satisfy both sweet and salty cravings. If you like potato chips, you will love our red, purple, and yellow kale chips. For your sweet tooth, we offer delicious dried fruit bars and even Turkish delight.

Quality, Organic, Real Chocolate from Loving Earth

Just because you have decided to do right by your body, it doesn’t mean you have to do without your favorite holiday baked goods this holiday season. Loving Earth Organic Products are great for baking. From cacao to chocolate to coconut, we have all kinds of Raw Products that are the perfect addition to cookies and cakes. You can even sweeten your sweet treats with low glycemic index (GI) natural sweeteners. It is true that honey sand brown sugar have a lower GI than refined white sugar, but our Organic Products such as coconut sugar, coconut nectar, and agave syrup, have an even lower GI than those.

Superfoods are the wave of the future, but no one wants to eat plain acai berries or chia seeds for lunch. Superfoods are best when you add them to your favorite foods or smoothies. At Loving Earth, you can find superfoods in powder and syrup form so that you can add them to your favorite food or drink recipes for a nutritional boost. We have acai powder, lucuma powder, and more.

Loving Earth

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