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Healthier Snack Alternatives

If health and fitness are important within your lifestyle, or you just want to lose some weight, then Luv Sum protein balls are a healthy alternative to your dietary needs. These protein balls are not only delicious, but are a great snack to savor. These treats are gluten free protein balls established by Rhett Hurvitz in 2012. His family cultivated the idea to respect the healthiness of food consumed, but with the understanding that the nutrition within the food needs to be savored. After he graduated from college, it became his personal journey to establish a new healthy substitute for a healthier lifestyle. After much deliberation, research, and trials and errors, he developed a sweet treat to fit his lifelong goals.

Luv Sum developed four selections to choose from depending on personal cravings for their protein balls selections. These are Chocolate Chia Seeds and Nut, Cashew and Coconut, Super Berry Nut Crunch, or Almond Seed and Spirulina. Each has its own unique flavors, but the added benefits of each are spectacular.

Energy Balls Full of Nutrition

If you crave something sweet, the Luv Sum balance of Chocolate, Chia Seeds and Nut may become your favorite! It is a tasty treat with numerous benefits. The Chia seeds are immensely nutritious with an abundance of natural antioxidants. Chia seeds also hold a great source for Omega 3 which can help with weight loss. The other nuts within these protein balls will provide you with not only protein, but will give you vitality, strength, and help with your durability in daily activities.

If you are craving something different with a tropical flavor, the Luv Sum Cashew and Coconut will be what you may be looking for! This protein ball is a combination of unsweetened coconut, cashews and protein. The tropical blend is bursting with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids your heart will welcome. It will leave you teeming with energy and may satisfy the longing your taste buds deserve.

Snacks Gluten Free full of Flavour

The Super Berry Nut Crunch is irresistible! It is filled with fruits, antioxidants and minerals that is a must have in any healthy diet. There is no added preservative, is a healthy snack, contain eight grams of protein and is enchanting for your taste buds to experience!

The Luv Sum Almond Seed and Spirulina is a natural powerhouse snack everyone should try! It features whole food seeds filled with high quantities of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc, and Selenium. In addition, it has crunchy nuts, and an astounding flavor. If you are looking for a daily intake of protein and minerals, this is a great healthy treat to savor!

All of these protein balls are gluten free, hold no added preservatives, and are measured as a super food healthy snack. If you are looking to lose weight, have a better balanced regiment of vitamins, mineral, or protein; you should pick up some protein balls from Luv Sum today!

Luv Sum

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