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Mary’s Gone Crackers a Healthy Gluten Free Alternative

Mary’s Gone Crackers was created by a woman named Mary who had Celiac disease. She created these products because she would often grow tired of watching all of her friends eating breads that she could not. Mary would take her baked goods to restaurants and parties, so that she could enjoy all the dips and cheeses that she was used to. Eventually her friends took notice and grew curious and once they tried Mary’s baked products they loved them. After a while Mary wanted to start manufacturing her own creative products, this was the start of Mary’s Gone Crackers.

Full of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber Health Benefits

These little treats have many health benefits to them, the list really does just go on and on. First these crackers are organic, which means the products contains no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, and no genetically modified organisms. They are also gluten free making them safe for anyone who has a gluten intolerance. There is also no meat, dairy, eggs, or any other ingredient that is derived from animals in this product which makes them completely vegan. Mary’s products also are all made with ancient grains that have been around since the early civilizations thousands of years ago. This product is also minimally refined and processed making it a whole food, making them a good source of helpful vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Conscious Eating by Marys Gone Crackers

Conscious eating is can be defined as being aware of how food impacts our bodies, minds, and even the planet itself. All of the health benefits above aim to make these crackers a great solution for any conscious eater regardless of what their definition is. That’s why all of the ingredients are organic and vegan and there is no gluten. They are made to reach a wide range of people regardless of what their specific eating habit might be.

Mary’s dream has been growing and growing ever since she made her first cracker. Now the company just opened up a test kitchen in Chico California, which is in northern California near the great agricultural valley. Not only has the business expanded, but the wide range of products made have expanded as well. There are now countless types of crackers you can buy in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Check out the Mary’s Gone Crackers to learn all about how the company got started and all the carefully steps they take to offer a healthy conscious product.

Mary’s Gone Crackers

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