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What exactly is gluten and why should we have to have gluten free mixes? To begin, gluten is a protein and it is created when gliadin and glutenin contact one another and form a ‘bond’. This ‘bond’ makes a sort of elastic membrane thus giving bread the elasticity you realize as a chewable texture makes the local chef at the pizza parlor a star when he/she twirls the dough in the air like an acrobat.

Gluten will trap carbon dioxide as it ferments thus making the loaf larger. This gluten has been eaten by us humans in our wheat for over ten thousand years and never know about it until recently when certain studies started blaming celiac disease on gluten. In reality only about 1% of the entire world’s population has this disease to begin with. Those people need to be ever vigilant about what they eat.

Melinda's Delicious Gluten Free Products

It is expected that sales of gluten free products will pass fifteen billion dollars in the next few year. Gluten free mixes, baked goods, and restaurant fare food have become as common as Coke. This has been a true blessing for many people who have never eaten pizza, cake, or regular bread due to the fear of gluten problems.

It is estimated that nearly one third of American adults are currently trying to eliminate gluten from their diets. A recent study that keeps information from trends in restaurants stated that dinning customers ordered more than 200 million dishes that were gluten free. This is mostly self-inflicted diagnosis and not due to an actual doctor required dietary order.

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The purchase of gluten free mixes, food, the restaurant trend stated above and much more is odd, but the trend continues. There are now seemingly national movements that consider making the gluten free ritual a brand new lifestyle. You can get caterers who plan gluten free parties and events; you can buy gluten free vacations and so on. This has actually became a movement although we still have about a 1% population who actually have celiac disease which in reality cannot be blamed on gluten to begin with.

So if you feel the need to become gluten free you are definitely living in the correct time for it. There are whole businesses devoted to making your effort possible. You should however make certain that you are reading up on the subject, some of these ‘gluten free’ restaurants, and food suppliers are not all they seem to be. It is very easy to read the labels on the products and the menu’s in the food service establishments. There are a lot of gluten free mixes sold on the internet that are excellent and exactly what they say they are. Just check for yourself and make certain before purchasing.

Melinda's Gluten Free Slices

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