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Try this Gluten and Nut Free Breakfast Cereal

There is a food that you probably never heard of called Monster Muesli. Muesli is a great tasting food that is not only organic but healthy for you. This food is a multi-grain porridge (MGP) that is usually prepared as a hot cereal. It is somewhat like oatmeal in which you can add milk or water to it and eat it as if it was a hot cereal.

Most people will usually use this food as a base in order to make their own custom-made muesli that is cooked on either the stove or microwave. Some of the highlights of this Monster Muesli food is that they are 47% less fat than traditional porridge, has a low G.I. (which is its glycemic index), a mix of six grains, contains barely which has been known to help lower cholesterol, is very low in salt and sodium, high in fibre, no cholesterol, no GMO, and is certified kosher & halal (so it is great for vegetarians as well).

Simply add Milk to your Favourite

The great thing about this food is that you can get it in a variety of flavors as well. A lot of people just like eating the Monster Muesli original flavor, in order to either add their own or not have any extra foods put in, but you can get it in berry, a fruit assortment, higher fibre, sports, and tropical. There are a variety of different ways to cook it and a variety of tastes to accommodate anybody’s taste buds so all you have to do is pick and take it from there. When you change flavors, there are also other highlights that go along with the food. For instance, when you try the tropical Monster Muesli, you are eating a food that is 91% fat free, contains exotic tropical fruits, such as coconut, banana, and pawpaw, and even contains mango that is fresh and organic as well as macadamia straight from the Earth.

Busting with Flavour and Nutrition

You have to be sure you are watching what you put in your body as your body can only work with how you treat it. If you are used to putting junk foods and other fatty foods in your body, you are asking for a shorter life span. Foods such as these exist mainly to benefit your lifespan and keep you active and healthy. Make sure to give these foods a try when you are looking for your next breakfast meal as it can really, and literally, change your life.

Monster Muesli

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