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Made from Rice Milk for a Great Taste

Most of the world can easily say that they enjoy Moo Free Chocolates. It is one of life’s many treasures that we all certainly do not take for granted and we eat it for various reasons for various occasions. However, there are some people, whether it is due to allergy or due to personal taste that avoid chocolate and do not get to relish in their goodness like most of the world can.

For these people, there are companies that take note of this and try to find alternatives for them to still enjoy the flavours on a daily basis. One such company that specializes in this goes by the name of Moo Free Chocolates.

Lactose Free and Gluten Free Chocolates

Moo Free Chocolates is a company that wants to provide the public with organic, natural, and great tasting chocolate so that they do not have to suffer the fate of never having experienced the taste of this sweet treat. For instance, they have a chocolate bar that comes certified organic and is rich in taste.

Moo Free Chocolates bars are award winning and made with their own special organic rice milk chocolate recipe that is sure to leave your taste buds happy and your stomach full. This recipe is rich in high quality chocolate taste and delicious with every bite. It is also made from organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic rice powder, organic cocoa mass, honeycomb (which is from sugar, glucose syrup, sodium bicarbonate), emulsifier (which is sunflower lecithin) & natural flavouring. Their chocolate bar also contains solids at a 42% minimum and is made with fair trade sugar & cocoa. Not only that, but it has received its certification and registered to be considered organic by the Vegan Society and Organic Farmers and Growers.

A Natural Alternative to Milk

As you can see, Moo Free Chocolates bars are not just your normal run of the mill snacks. There are not many companies out there that are able to produce great tasting organic chocolate that is as close to the real thing as theirs. They take great pride in how long they have been in the business and the love they have in every bar. You can easily go to the store and find chocolate on every aisle but you can not find this type of special chocolate that can cater to every individual possible. For the person that truly wants to experience chocolate without all the bad preservatives, let Moo Free Chocolate take you there.

Moo Free Chocolates

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