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An effective Aluminium free deodorant with Magnesium

Hygiene is a habit that eventually becomes a character. Nowadays, everywhere you go, people talk about the hygiene the most. The food and the water that is bought from outside should be hygienic; this is the demand and a requirement. The main spoilers of these hygienic conditions are bacteria, fungus and molds that lodge themselves onto the surfaces and start multiplying.

User Friendly Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

People are very conscious about their image in the society. A person among a social gathering would like to carry him or herself in such a way that everybody else present should feel good. To match up to the expectations people use perfumes and deodorants. These are cosmetic products that spread a fragrance and let others feel at ease. Let’s discuss about one such deodorant, Nasanta

Alkaline Magnesium Deodorant

Deodorants are liquid aerosols that are chemical in nature and when applied fills the air with its fragrance. Usually, deodorants are applied under arm pits and behind ears. The skin in the arm pit area is a much thinner one than any other part of the body. Typical deodorants will contain aluminum and this can definitely affect health, even can cause major problems. Such deodorants are very dangerous and therefore the use of it should be avoided. As a savior, we have now versions of non-aluminum deodorants, also known as nasanta magnesium deodorant. Upon lot of investigation by various scientists nasanta magnesium deodorant has been found very much beneficial.

Nasanta magnesium deodorant dwells in alkaline pH range and prevents the growth of bacteria etc. Magnesium has another advantage over aluminum that it doesn’t penetrate the skin and therefore minimizes health risk. Nasanta magnesium deodorants have a complex formulation which consists of a number of chemical compounds that collectively prevents the body odor and growth of unnecessary microorganisms that contribute to the odor. The body odor is mainly due to bacteria and organic acids that are formed during sweating.

Neutralises body odour

Nasanta magnesium deodorant has another property; the amount of preservatives used in this formulation is very minimal. The product will prevent body odor and also doesn’t get absorbed inside the body. Aluminum free and minimal usage of preservative makes it an awesome product. The main ingredients are:

  • Water.
  • Magnesium hydroxide.
  • Glycerin.
  • Xanthum Gum, and
  • Menthol.

All the above ingredients are formulated using a researched and developed protocol. Are you afraid of perspiring and let yourself sweat? Well!! Then don’t be as nasanta magnesium deodorant is here.


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