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Smell the Aroma - Very Unique

Organic and natural tea are the best cleansing agent for our systems. They not only help in cleansing up and detoxifying our system, but also have lots of other interesting properties. There are different kinds of herbal tea available, and one of the most famous amongst them is the Native Tastes Lemon Myrtle tea.

The Lemon Myrtle tea is derived from the Australian native tree, named lemon Myrtle. This tree is found in the sub-tropical and coastal rainforests of Queensland in Australia. The leaves of this Native Tastes tea have exquisite and refreshing flavour, which can enhance the taste, of teas. And, the aroma of lemon, and lemon grass, can help in filling up your mind and senses.

Given below are some of the main properties of this awesome tea:

  • This Native Tastes Lemon Myrtle tea is the richest source of Citral, and has around 90 to 98% Citral in it. This is anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial, and also has other medicinal properties, which can help in fighting lots of diseases.
  • The tea provides an effective remedy for anti-fungal treatments.
  • The tea is free from caffeine, and is non-acidic, so can be taken more safely, as compared to the caffeinated drinks.
  • It has a great aroma, with a blend of lime, lemon and lemongrass. It has a better flavour than the lemongrass, and is quite appealing for the people.
  • A refreshing herbal tea, it also has an excellent flavour.
  • The Native Tastes Lemon Myrtle tea can be blended with other tea products, such as green tea, black tea, and herbal tea, for bringing out a unique and rich flavour.
  • It is one of the top most beverages, and the most preferred tea for people, who look for delicate flavouring. Due to this reason, the tea is hugely popular in the international tea markets.

Full of Flavour Very Refreshing

Now that you have gone through the above mentioned reasons, you can understand that the Native Tastes Lemon Myrtle tea is the most beneficial beverage, and can help in providing all the health-enhancing benefits. Get your minds refreshed, and body cleansed. And, feel a rejuvenation of your mind, which can help in providing the right impetus. Your mind will work better, and you will have a sharp concentration.

The Native Tastes Lemon Myrtle tea is certified as organic by Organic Food Chain. And, when one buys this tea, one can be assured of superior quality and attractive packaging. Get yourself the best rejuvenation and refreshment today. Buy the tea today, and feel a change in yourself.

Native Tastes Lemon Myrtle Teas

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