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Natracare Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene is important in all women no matter the stage that they are in their lives. Whether they are mothers, young adolescents or adults, it is important to maintain a good hygiene. If you neglect feminine hygiene, there is bound to be future problems.

Natracare Certified Organic 100% Feminine Cotton Pads and Liners

Natracare Feminine hygiene products are a solution to good hygiene in all women. There are different products that are available to handle different times such as menstruation, birth, after birth and general hygiene.

Natracare Feminine Products have no Chemicals, Fragrances or Plastic

Here are some of these products:

1. Organic tampons: Tampons are used during menstruation. There are those which have an applicator while others come with no applicator. The best thing about Natracre tampons is the fact that they are organic and made from cotton. They do not have bleach or synthetic materials that react with some women. There are also no chemical additives. These tampons are made from organic cotton not only because it is soft to the skin but also removes the risk of exposure to chemicals that are found in traditional cotton materials. Natracre tampons come in a pack of 20 that is ideal for each menstrual cycle.

2. Intimate wipes: As the name suggests, these wipes are great for removing body odor on the private areas of women. They also allow you to remain clean and fresh. Natracre organic cotton wipes have chamomile and calendula that are great for women with delicate skin. These products are also known to soothe the skin. They do not have alcohol or preservatives. These wipes are ideal when traveling, when you are menstruating and for everyday use.

3. Maternity and nursing pads: When a woman is in the maternity ward about to give birth, she experiences discharge from her vagina. After she gives birth, there is always vaginal discharge experienced for some days. She therefore needs maternity and nursing pads respectively. Natracre maternity pads are great for all women because they are natural, soft and scent free. They are also strong enough to handle vaginal discharge no matter the flow.

4. Incontinence pads: There are times when women experience bladder weakness especially when pregnant or after pregnancy. Having a pad that can handle this condition is important. Natracre incontinence pads are soft and natural. They are discreet enough to ensure that there is no odor. These pads are made from cellulose materials to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. They do not have chlorine and are therefore biodegradable.

Buy Natracare Feminine Hygiene products for your health and vitality from Natural Health Organics

Natracare Healthier by Nature

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