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Naturopaths Choice Alkaline water filter, Ioniser and Mineraliser

Water is very essential for our body, but according to reports people often have problems like deficiency of one or more essential minerals and/or excess acidity. To solve this problem an alkalizing water filtration expert and Australia's leading naturopath have paired up to create, the MinWell+ alkaline water filter, mineralizer and ionizer. The old tap water is transformed into great tasting, healthy and thirst quenching water, which nourishes and rehydrate you completely.

Naturopaths Choice for Alkaline Water

Water in our body becomes more acidic, as we age. It also increases due to pollution, improper diet and bottled water. An acidic body is prone to many degenerative diseases. There are many ways to reduce acidity, such as, an alkaline diet, alkaline water, meditation and alkaline supplements. Alkaline water is the best as it is effective, easy and relatively cheap.


To provide the perfect quality of water we have MinWell+ alkaline water filters. The alkalizing minerals in the top half of alkaline water filter do this task. The good part is that the pH of water can be varied. It can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the speed of water flow. If the speed of water flow is high the pH is reduced, if speed of water flow is slow then pH increases. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, selenium, silica, manganese and chromium are essential to our body. Their deficiency causes many problems in the normal functioning of our system. The MinWell+ alkaline water filters infuses these minerals in a balanced and safe proportion. The filter has ten layers of different types in the cartridge. The contaminants are removed by the bottom half and the top half alkalizes, re-energizes and mineralizes the water.

Naturopaths Choice Great Tasting and thirst Quenching Water

The filter reduces risk on environment. The installation of filter reduces the consumption of packaged drinking water. The plastic cap and circular ring at the rim is harmful to birds and sea creatures. Also plastic water contains chemicals which are harmful for health. It is very easy and convenient to install. It can be attached to the kitchen tap in minutes. There is no need to fill jugs as one can just open the tap and have a glass of water. The minwell+ alkaline water filters, ionizer and mineralizer is economical, the price is very reasonable.

The Benefits of Naturopaths Choice Water Filters are

The filter naturally adds essential minerals along with alkalizing water. It detox and remove contaminants from water. It creates anti-inflammatory agents, gene expression and anti-oxidants. It is economical, easy to use and environment friendly.

Naturopaths Choice

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