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Enjoy the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Many people are now aware of the benefits of organic coconuts. There are purely Organic coconut oil and Coconut soaps, available from Niugini Organics, which will help your body and your skin. Niugini Organics are the market leaders in manufacturing coconut oil and will provide only the best quality products. Given below are some of the benefits of these Niugini Organics Coconut Oil products. Using these in your daily routine will assure you of great health benefits.

Use Pure Virgin Organic Coconut Oil to Ease Digestion

Unlike other cooking oils, Niugini Organics coconut oil is free of cholesterol and is high on the lauric acid, which is essential for fighting against diseases. This oil is unbleached, unrefined and is not even deodorized. These are wild harvested and cold pressed from Papua New Guinea. It does not contain any kind of additives or preservatives. These have a long shelf life as these are not extracted by applying heat. Niugini Organics is completely 100% organic oil, it will help you in fighting off the free radicals.

The coconut oil is pure crystal white in color and has a light and fresh fragrance. The oil solidifies at temperature below 23 degrees. It has a slightly sweet taste and a smooth texture.

Pure, Unscented Coconut Soap

Our skin is quite sensitive and requires soaps, which do not have any added chemicals. Most of the soaps these days make use of refined vegetable oils, which do not contain the natural antioxidants. These are made in such a way so that it has a longer shelf life. But, these can cause major damages to the skin and can cause various skin problems as well.

Give your Body a Healthy Radiance

So, to help you out with your skin, we have some special quality soaps. You can use the pure unscented coconut soap from Niugini Organics, you will get a deep cleansing effect. It has some of the best ingredients and is free from artificial colours and fragrances. It is quite gentle on the skin and does not make it too dry. It is one of the healthiest quality soaps as it does not contain any kind of pesticides, preservatives, fertilisers or additives.

Even though, technologies keep improving and newer products keep coming into the market, it is better to use 100% Niugini Organics products. These are mild for the skin and good for health as well. So, get yourself pure virgin coconut oil and coconut soap. These will leave your skin glowing and will promote good health.

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