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Not too Sweet with a Moorish Taste

What the heck is nougat? You often see commercials describe the creamy innards of candy bars as containing nougat. Most everyone takes nougat for granted but none know the history behind nougat and its elegant upbringing. Welcome to the mysterious world of the confectionary delight known as Limar Nougat and prepare for your mind and taste buds to be blown.

First of all; what really is nougat? The word nougat is actually derived from the old French word “nogat” which means nut cake being very appropriate since true French nougat is about 1/3 nuts, usually pistachios and almonds. There are typically three varieties of Limar Nougat: white, brown and German. White nougat is a combination of whipped egg whites, sugar, nuts and honey. Brown nougat is much thicker than white due to the whipped egg whites being replaced by caramelized sugar and German nougat sets its own standard by using whipped chocolate, nuts and sugar.

Freshest Nuts and Unrivaled Ingredients

Of course different regions add their own twists to the nougat recipe. Spain even goes so far to rename nougat as turrón with its own varietals of course. Italy has its own spin on nougat called torrone to which they add vanilla and citrus flavorings. Yes there is African nougat (in case you were wondering) and instead of nuts they use fruit. American nougat is what you will find in most candy bars. The American recipe is much less elegant than the traditional and includes such ingredients as sucrose and corn syrup and throwing in some aerated hydrolyzed soya protein or gelatin. Leave it to the Americans to turn something so delicious into what sounds like a chemistry experiment. Yuck!

Creamy Soft French Approach

Now welcome Australia to the nougat world with Limar Nougat and they are going back to basics using an age old French-style recipe to make a creamy, nutty and sweet treat that melts in your mouth and reminds you of Christmas in Europe. Limar nougat uses the best nuts harvest in Australia along with hot sugary syrup and whipped egg whites to make this confectionary masterpiece. Now Australia can be known for not only its surfing, Steve Irwin and Kangaroos but for its nougat as well.

Are you concerned about sweets impacting your health in a negative way? Don’t be; Limar Nougat is composed mostly of nuts, namely pistachios and almonds, which are cholesterol free, low in saturated fat and full of fiber and folate as well as other vitamins and minerals. So don’t fret, enjoy Limar Nougat guilt free.

Nougat Limar

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