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Strengthen your Teeth and Bones

Ocean Milk; these two words would have never met if it was not for a group of individuals who decided to bring them together after developing a product that could bring about the evolution of humanities nutritional needs. Ocean Milk Coral Calcium has not only revolutionized how humans meet their calcium supplemental needs but enabled us to fight disease, strengthen our bones, balance the PH of our bodies as well as our mineral levels.

Ocean Milk Coral Calcium has been used by humans for healing purposes since the middle ages. Recently it has been recognized not only as a calcium and mineral supplement but also for its ability to react with stem cells in the regrowth of human bone cells and has been used in the dental industry for filling cavities and in the medical field for bone grafts due to its low rate of rejection by the human body’s immune system.

Promote calcium and magnesium intake

So why use Ocean Milk Coral Calcium when calcium is abundantly found in other sources such as sea shells and even rocks? Coral is a living, invertebrate organism. Because of this the calcium produced by it is organic and therefore more readily absorbed by our bodies than calcium obtained from inorganic sources such as rocks and sea shells. This is supported by the fact that bone grafts with coral calcium are more readilly accepted by our bodies as opposed to any grafts performed with materials cultured with other calcium sources.

Reduce body Acidity for better Health

Let’s talk about PH. Is your body more alkaline or more acidic? Being acidic is detrimental to good health. Acidic means inflammation, chronic disease; bacterial infection and allergies will be a problem. The body does need some acidity but the key is balance between the two. There are many homeopathic remedies and treatments for trying to maintain the balance of the body’s PH levels. For example drinking lemon water, a small amount of vinegar each day and even as radical as drinking one’s own urine. Why endure the sour, the burning and the disgusting when nature has provided us with a clean, comfortable and organic way to maintain a proper PH?

Buy Ocean Milk Coral Calcium and experience a stronger, more balanced and disease resistance body.

Ocean Milk Coral Calcium

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