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Save the Planet use Glass Straws

“Let’s make the world a better place to live in.”
This is the most popular statement from almost all the leaders and influential personalities around the world. The approach to achieve the above fact by all is different, though the goal is same. Many believe in conservation, some believe in developing green solutions etc. Raw blend is such a firm, which is trying to provide some green yet innovative solutions. One such solution provided by them is the “glass straws”.

The whole human population of the world is sustaining themselves by their food habits. Food habits include a special liquid diet, which is termed as juice. Juices come in a variety of flavours and combinations. Juices are both of fruit origin and synthetic origin. Fruits juices are very common; some of the synthetic juices are the aerated drinks and the sparkling drinks. These varieties are mouth watering almost across all age groups. Most people like to have one form or the other as a part of their liquid diet. The best part about such drink is that they are portable unlike restaurant food. Juices and aerated drinks can be consumed on the go. Often, it adds to the fashion statement in having a drink and moving around among the crowd.

Environmental Friendly Glass Straws

However, apart from being cool in holding the drink, it is also important to know that how do one take in the juice apart from just showing off. The affair is very simple, in scientific terms it can be defined as same as the suction principle. Suction created at one end of the sucker makes the liquid to the other side gush into the mouth. The device that makes it possible is known as a straw.

Now, a straw can be made from many materials. Plastics, glass, stainless steel and bamboo are the most commonly used. Apart from the traditional designs of the straws, there are a lot of enhancements done to these straws, just to add more excitement while drinking. Raw Blend Glass straws are an alternative to the plastic straws. The use of plastic straws is reducing and almost stopped as they are not environment friendly. Also, the straws are leaching upon liquid contact, thereby releasing harmful chemicals with the drink such as biphenyl-A (BPA). To counteract the above fatal process, companies like Raw Blend have come up with a green solution i.e. the introduction of glass straws.

Better for your Health

Raw Blend Glass straws are made of borosilicate glass; the most commonly and widely used form of glass. The properties include thermally durable, non porous and highly durable. These glass straws also come with innovative design and looks. The best part is Raw Blend glass straws can be washed completely with hot water and appropriate soap and can be reused again. Also, the eye catching and creativity that is put to the glass straws gives a boost on your personality. A mini bar at home and kid’s juice has become the most favourite preferred place where the glass straws find its importance.

People value you with what you have and how do you show them off. Try Raw Blend’s glass straw and see the difference.

Raw Blend

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