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Try Soothing Cotton Facial Cleansing Pads

You might not spend too much time thinking about your cotton balls or cotton pads, but you should. There is a huge demand for organic farming and for organic cotton wool. Simply Gentle organic cotton wool has rigorous purity standards to make sure that you are getting the highest quality cotton possible. It comes in many different forms such as cleansing pads or cotton buds. Simply Gentle organic cotton are even safe to use on babies, they are so gentle. They are GMO free and grown without the use of anything artificial, this means pesticides or fertilizers. You can rest easy knowing that what you are putting onto your body, or onto your loved ones, it safe and gentle.

Cotton Buds Gentle on Baby's Skin

Simply Gentle organic cotton balls are top quality without having to subject your body to chemicals. It may not seem like your generic cotton balls have any chemicals in them, but the pesticides and fertilizers used in growing cotton can be harmful. Switching to Simply Gentle organic will eliminate all those unnecessary chemicals from you life, and it is better for the environment and more sustainable. It is an easy switch to make that can have a huge impact. Cotton is such a huge crop, that making as much of it organic as possible can mean a lot less chemicals in our world.

Organic Cotton Balls Can be used in Many Ways

The cotton balls and cotton pads have many uses and can be used on a daily basis. There is always a need for cotton products because they are so versatile. They can be used to clean, take off nail polish or makeup, or any other daily tasks. Switching to Simply Gentle organic cotton balls and cotton pads will not alter the way that you use them, but it could enhance the experience. Knowing that you are using something that is better for yourself and better for the environment is a great thing. It can make you feel better about your daily actions just knowing that something so simple can be having such a huge impact on the world around you. Organic cotton is something that is catching on everywhere, and it is not a fad. It is something that you should be seriously looking into because it is growing fast.

Organic cotton can help you and the world around you to be healthier and have less chemicals in it. It is a simple switch, so why not try Simply Gentle organic cotton balls and cotton pads? They will be cropping up more and more often.

Simply Gentle

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