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Eat Healthy Organic Foods

There are so many different types or organic foods that people eat in order to maintain their wellbeing and to keep their vitality at peak conditions. When you think of organic foods, you may not have heard of spiral foods. Spiral Foods makes a lot of different traditional and organic foods for popular consumption; they also taste good as well. One of the many type of foods that they make is dried blueberries.

These dried blueberries are just one of many different types of natural and organic foods that they make. Each of these blueberries were from a low bush and picked from the wild in organic blueberry fields, which are known barrens, in the northern Quebec of Canada. They are handpicked, and not pulled from machines, and then washed and cleaned before being infused in organic apple juice concentrate.

Gourmet Foods for all Ocassions

Once the infusion begins, they are there until they reach the level of sweetness that Spiral Foods causes for, which they are the rinsed and coated lightly in a mist or organic sunflower oil to prevent it from clumping. They are not only a great snack but they are good for you as well and a great mix to put in along with other grains and oats. They are made from organic blueberries, organic apple juice concentrate, and organic sunflower oil. This fruit follows the same pattern as other types of fruit, but this is not the only thing Spiral Foods specializes in.

Organic pumpkin seeds are also a great snack that this company makes and is very good for you. They are a nutritious snack that is not only healthy but great tasting as well. They are an excellent source of protein, as most nuts are, and are great for fiber, phosphorus, and magnesium. They are cholesterol free and come with low sodium. Not only all of this, but they are also an excellent source of potassium, iron, zinc, and omega 3s, 6s, and 9s.

Organic Foods with the highest Requirements and Quality

These seeds from Spiral Foods are certified to be organic and are lightly coated with sea salt and are allowed to dry naturally before they are packaged. These seeds are just an example of what Spiral Foods has to offer in the snack and grains department and you will be hard pressed to find another company that does it better than they do. They make sure every food is packaged with the sort of care that you would not expect from other food companies and a taste that you would really have to experience for yourself.

Spiral Foods

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