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Stimulate and and Sooth the Senses

Do you wish to give sensory delight to your senses? Well, get a few bottles of Massage oils from Tao and you would feel out of the world. When you massage your body with these oils, you will feel relieved and relaxed. We give below the range of these oils and you can use them as per your need and requirements.

Tao Erase and Receptivity Massage Oils
These Oils has a unique blend of active as well as passive elements, which can lead to sensory delight. It has the sandalwood, which has a woody and sweet smell, which can open up the senses. And, it has the Frankincense, which is an ancient fragrance from Arabia, which helps in elevating and soothing. Then, there is Anise, which has a lovely spicy fragrance, which can calm the senses and stimulate them. This is made up of the best quality sunflower oil and has a good amount of Vitamin E in it.

Help Calm and Uplift your Senses

Tao Golden Lite Massage Oils
It is delicate mix of oils, which are clear and are light in texture. The skin can easily absorb them. There is no fragrance to it. These are made up of good quality mineral oil, Avocados, apricot kernel oil and has a good amount of Vitamin E as well.

Tao Harmony and Renewal Massage Oils
These have the essence of Ylang Ylang, which are the Chinese flowers. These can soothe the senses and can heighten them up too. The smell of Jasmine is too exotic and sweet and can calm the nerves and can also uplift the spirits. This is made up of Sunflower oil.

Tao Loving and Sharing Massage Oils
This has the essence of rose and can create an intimate atmosphere. The smell of jasmine is so pure that you will feel uplifted. It also has Patauli, which can heighten the awareness.

Relieve tension Aches and Pains

Tao Peaches and Dreams Massage Oils
This oil has a touch of sensuality in it. This will open up the couples and take them to higher levels of awareness. It is made up of edible peaches, apples, sweet oranges and sunflower oil.

Tao Tension and Muscle Relieving Massage Oils
If you are under constant stress and tension, then use this oil. The rosemary in the oil can warm the body and release the tension from the muscles. The lavender can soothe the body and tone up the body, while releasing all the pains and aches. The mandarin can calm down the mind.

With all these massage oils, give yourself the best sensory treatment.

Tao Massage Oils

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