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A True Raw Organic Chocolate from The Chocolate Yogi

You may be asking yourself why you should choose organic chocolate over the regular chocolate you can buy at any convenience store and from any checkout aisle bin. You may say to yourself that they both have cocoa. They are both sweet. You just want your sweet tooth to stop aching. You want that creamy wholeness. And why fix something if it isn't broken?

As with any and all things in life, the details are where the true facets can be disclosed. A true organic chocolate bar will be made using cocoa beans that have not been exposed to fertilizers and herbicides. But it doesn't simply apply to the cocoa that is being used. Every ingredient used in the production process has to be organic as well. The sugar, fruit, nuts and milk that was used has to be organic.

The Chocolate Yogi is that healthy alternative!

Again, you may be asking yourself why even bother? You can just skimp on all that because it is not that serious. Right? Wrong! Studies have shown that exposure to herbicides and pesticides have had negative effects on the health of human populations over periods of time. It is easy to see how consuming products grown in the presence of these chemicals can also be detrimental. A true and fully organic chocolate bar will have untainted cocoa beans along with raw and organic milk. This provides a safer and healthier alternative to the candy bars you normally consume. No herbicide and no pesticide residue making its way into your body by way of your organic chocolate is a no brainer. Look for that healthy alternative!

Feeling adventurous try The Chocolate Yogi

Enjoy some Chocolate Yogi chocolate! Regarding some of our ingredients we use, we have Evaporated Coconut Nectar, which serves as a sugar alternative that has been evaporated from coconut nectar as well as well as vanilla and cocoa beans that are absolutely free from any dangerous chemicals. Our Classic Collection includes the Creamy Milk, Deep Dark, Deep Mint and Frothy Toffee. Want to go above and beyond this set of products? Feeling adventurous now that you've been snagged into the world of organic chocolate? Try our Premium Collection. It includes Cherry Coconut, Dreamy Chai and Salty Caramel.

So go ahead and make the switch from your regular convenience store 'Big Brand' chocolate and come over to the world of safe, raw and healthy chocolate bars. And from there you can go on to the world of other organic products. Enjoy the health benefits and enjoy a cleaner and untainted taste from a cleaner and untainted product.

The Chocolate Yogi

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