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Cleaning Products Derived from Vegetables and Fruit

All of us have to use cleaning products at some point in virtually every day of our lives. Normally all of these cleaning products require that you use some type of protective equipment while using the chemicals. There is a new company that has a complete line of cleaning products that do not require the protective gear as the products are 100% safe to people, their pets and our environment.

The name of the company is The Natural Cleaner Company and their products are ALL made from 100% natural organic sources which are not changed as they go through the process of manufacturing. Their products are not nature based, they are actually natural ingredients themselves. All of their cleaning materials have been independently tested and kill 99.9% of all bacteria and germs they are supposed to control to help maintain a clean and germ free environment.

The Natural Cleaner Company Organic Cleaners and Sanitisers

Part of the appeal to all users in addition to not having to wear protective equipment is that they are approved by NASAA for organic input with all their ingredients as well as the U.S. FDA and are GRAS (generally recognized as safe). These approvals mean that these products may be used in a wide range of endeavors such as child care, food processing, catering, hospitality, water treatment concerns, medical and agricultural activities.

There are two things that matter to all of us more than just about all else. Those two would be our children and our pets. The Natural Cleaner Company’s products are all 100% natural and contain ZERO harmful chemicals to irritate or make them allergic to. You can use their products to clean both the children and the pets plus the places they play and sleep in without fear of contamination to them.

The Natural Cleaner Company environment Friendly

Some of The Natural Cleaner Company products you will find to be excellent cleaners and so very easy to use. Remember that you don’t have to use protective equipment to use these products either.

  • There are four cleaners from which you can select from – Hospital grade disinfectant, animal enclosure sanitizer and deodorizer, truck wash and sand pit sanitizer.
  • Three cleaners including dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaner and an all-purpose surface cleaner.
  • A sanitizing deodorizer.
  • A hand sanitizer and a no rinse sanitizer.

As you can clearly see The Natural Cleaner Company has exactly what we have all been looking for. Cleaning products that are 100% natural, not made from natural products that have been compromised in manufacturing and are not NATURAL in the end. You do not have to wear protective gear and when you flush them down the drain, they will not show up again somewhere else downstream. You should at least give them a try and see what you thing for yourself.

The Natural Cleaner Company

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