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Exquisite Gypsy Herbal Teas

Zhena Muzyka tackled the most challenging trial of her life when her son, Sage, was born with a serious birth defect. With only three thousand dollars, which she borrowed from her father, she quickly began seeking inspiration from the troubles of her gypsy ancestors that were experienced herbalists and healers. After some thought and planning, she began creating and selling custom tea blends.

Over the years, Zhena met with an experienced Sri Lankan tea master while examining various tea gardens, who had started a natural agriculture center in the tea fields of his native home.
Zhena had previously been an experienced Aromatherapist and had analyzed the effects of various essential oils. She learned the ideal ways to use essential oils soothe the mind, alter emotions and physical energy. Together, these capabilities created what is now, Zhena's Gypsy Teas

Sustainable and Organic Gypsy Tea

Her efforts also go beyond just selling great-tasting teas. She also strives to help educate the local community on the abilities that will help grow organic tea with sustainable, natural practices, which she also utilizes in her own tea brand.

Zhena resides in Ojai California with her children, and is also an inspirational speaker and talks on the world of tea, green business and all around the state on the empowerment of women. She is often a guest on television and radio shows, and is called a leader in the area of sustainability and fair trade activism. Zhena has a novel shortly to be printed, "Life by the Cup," that she is been carefully crafting in an identical nature that she crafts her tea formulas--with love!

Hand Crafted Healthy Infusion Teas

Gypsy Teas offers superb custom-blended teas and herbal infusions with healing characteristics. Combining early tea principles that started with the most recent health research with the earliest monks and organic herbalists, Zhena's Gypsy Teas produces superb, handmade, all natural, fair trade, and all-natural wholesome infusions and delight the senses. We take pride in selling only wholesome teas that are 100% Fair Trade certified.

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Zhenas Gypsy Teas

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