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  • Biomagnetic Deluxe QUEEN Pure Wool Magnetic Underlay
    Biomagnetic Deluxe QUEEN Pure Wool Magnetic Underlay

Biomagnetic Deluxe DOUBLE Pure Wool Magnetic Underlay


Nuferm Fructo-Less Blend 150g

Biomagnetic Deluxe QUEEN Pure Wool Magnetic Underlay


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Quick Overview

Biomagnetic Deluxe QUEEN Pure Wool Magnetic Underlay

This is the premier magnetic product in the Magnetic underlay range. With up to 64% more therapeutic magnets than most competitive brands, it offers pain relief every night while you sleep. Furthermore, its thick. luxurious Australian wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Biomagnetic Deluxe QUEEN Pure Wool Magnetic Underlay

This is the premier magnetic product in the Magnetic underlay range. With up to 64% more therapeutic magnets than most competitive brands, it offers pain relief every night while you sleep.

Furthermore, its thick. luxurious Australian wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Comes with FREE pillow protectors.

Features of the Deluxe Wool Magnetic Underlay

  • Fully reversible - Deluxe Wool one side, Pure Cotton the other. Perfect for each season.
  • 100% Australian Wool - the ultimate in comfort and luxury.
  • Deep pile creates air pockets, which holds the body's warmth in winter and insulates against cold.
  • Magnets individually sewn in and strategically positioned from top to bottom of underlay offer magnetic therapy every night.
  • Easily absorbs moisture (up to 30% of its own weight) from the body without feeling damp.
  • Ventilating airflow through deep pile disperses moisture on hot summer nights.
  • Fire and bacteria resistant, non-allergenic and totally permeable.
  • Filled with hypo-allergenic, open-celled fibre padding.
  • These Magnetic underlays, also known as Magnetic Mattress Pads, are available in King, Queen, Double, King Single and Single bed sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Natural bioMagnetic be used in conjunction with an electric blanket or a memory foam topper?
A: Yes, it can. We advise that you place the electric blanket or mattress topper underneath the underlay. In a way, it’s like receiving a gentle massage, working on every part of your body, night after night. And the beauty of it is it’s a one-off cost that lasts for years, you don’t have to take internally, make appointments or travel to obtain. You simply go to bed!

How do I clean my underlay?
A: Because the magnets in all of the The Natural bioMagnetic sleep systems are individually sewn in (not stuck in with glue), the underlays and pillow protectors are fully machine washable AND dry cleanable.

Do I have to plug your magnetic underlay in?
A: No. All magnetic underlays from The Natural bioMagnetic contain permanent, natural magnets strategically placed throughout. Simply place your underlay onto your bed. The therapeutic potential is ready whenever you lie down and may help with increased vitality and wellbeing, as well as temporary pain relief.

I am taking 'xyz' medication. Will The Natural bioMagnetic affect it?
A: No it won’t. The Natural bioMagnetic is based on natural laws and it has shown it to be totally compatible with all pharmaceutical products.

What if I have stainless steel pins or plates in my body?
A: That’s not a problem. The Natural bioMagnetic should have no effect on them.

How many magnets are there in The Natural bioMagnetic?
A: Our underlays contain up to 334 therapeutic magnets. Equally as important is the quality and gauss rating (strength). The Natural bioMagnetic uses magnets of up to 1,000 gauss. Here is an exact count for each of the underlays.

Which magnetic underlay from The Natural bioMagnetic is best for me?
A: The Deluxe Wool is the most popular and the most luxurious of The Natural BioMagnetic’s underlays. Its thick, pure Wool is perfect for every season! Our Naturally Pure Cotton is thickly quilted for superior comfort and is as premium a product as the Wool version.

Both contain the same amount of magnets (unlike some other brands that lower the magnet count in non-wool versions) and contains the same therapeutic potential. The choice, therefore, is entirely personal. Both versions also have fitted skirts designed to fit comfortably over even the deepest mattress.

Can one use a magnetic underlay all the time or only when one is in pain?
>A: The Natural bioMagnetic restorative underlays are all about increasing your level of wellbeing. While we sleep, our bodies recharge and repair themselves. Our immune system works on removing toxins, dead cells and so on. And our body stores up energy for the next day. So it makes sense to help boost its efforts with The Natural bioMagnetic.

How long will the magnets last?
A: Be confident that you’ll get many years of use from The Natural bioMagnetic underlays. The fabric containing the magnets will wear out before the magnets stop working! In fact, all our magnets have a lifetime guarantee and I’d suggest you may well experience the benefits of the powerful therapeutic magnets for years to come.

Can anyone use The Natural bioMagnetic underlay?

A: If you use a pacemaker, insulin pump, defibrillator or some other critical or implanted electronic device, or you are pregnant, please consult your medical practitioner before using magnetic products.

Is it important to use the The Natural bioMagnetic Pillow Protector as well?
A: Yes, it is. We believe that in order to experience Total Body Wellbeing you should have magnets under your head and neck as well. Like our underlays, The Natural bioMagnetic Pillow Protectors may help with maintaining peripheral circulation and assist with temporary reduction in pain. In an Anecdotal Client Survey done on over 9,000 clients, the success rate was excellent. It was based on our underlays and pillow protectors being used in conjunction with one another.

Are all magnetic underlays created equal?
A: No they are not... which is probably why we get three or four calls a week from people who have bought other magnetic underlays or pillow protects online and are disappointed with what arrived.
The difference in quality between different brands can sometimes be pronounced. So, before you buy, ask questions:

Do they offer a Money-Back Warranty?

  • Biomagnetic was the first company to offer this peace-of-mind warranty and, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only retail brand that still does this.
  • Are their magnets individually sewn in? Those in The Natural BioMagnetic are.
  • Does their underlay have a fitted skirt that is big enough to fit snugly over even the deepest mattress? The Natural BioMagnetic does.
  • Do they have a pillow pad or a pillow protector? The Natural BioMagnetic is a pillow protector that fits easily over most pillows, including the contour.
  • Do they offer a choice of pure wool and natural cotton? The Natural BioMagnetic does AND, more importantly, the offer the same therapeutic potential because they contain the same amount of therapeutic magnets.

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