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Barley Grass

Organic Barley Grass

Organic barley grass has plenty of nutrients which play an essential role in the body.

Organic Barley Grass is said to contain 11 times the quantity of calcium and 30 times the amount of vitamin B1 found in cow’s milk. Its carotene is 6.5 times and the iron content is 5 times of what spinach contains. Besides, it has about 7 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges and 4 times the amount of vitamin B1 contained in wheat flour.

Organic Barley grass is rich in organic sodium that dissolves the sodium deposited around your joints. The organic sodium replenishes the organic sodium found on the stomach lining. This enhances digestion by improving the secretion of hydrochloric acid within the stomach.

When it’s harvested for juice, barley contains about 45% protein. Its protein amount is about two times that in wheat germ and around four times those minerals found in animal protein. Besides, this grass doesn’t come with fats.

Organic Barley grass has up to 1000 enzymes with the highest amount of enzyme SOD. This enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that’s known to protect cells against the toxic free radicals, which are thought to enhance aging.

Organic Barley grass contains chlorophyll – liquid oxygenated sunshine, which is a natural detoxifier that eliminates toxins from the intestines.

How to take Organic Barley Grass

You need to sip barley grass gently on your empty stomach, either 2 hours after a meal or 20 minutes before it. This ensures easy assimilation of the nutrients in the absence of other foods. You should take a lukewarm or cold liquid. Don’t take a hot liquid as it will break down any live enzymes.

Does Organic Barley Grass Cause Allergies
When you take this product, you won’t get an allergic reaction. The powdered juice is obtained from the leaves rather than from the mature grain. Allergies are caused by the gluten content in the organic barley grain but the ingredients of barley grass don’t contain any gluten.

What does Organic Barley Grass Treat?

Research from many health practitioners and doctors show that barley grass powder or juice can help in treating various diseases such as asthma, arthritis, migraine headaches, gastrointestinal diseases and fatigue. Organic Barley Grass can also aid in skin clarification. In addition, barley grass is known to help in serious maladies such as diabetes, blood clots, and cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that regular supplementation with this product reduces the amount of cholesterol as well as oxygen free radicals from the blood of the type 2 diabetes patients.

Barley Grass may help the body obtain alkalising levels which improve health and well being from Natural Health Organics online health foods store

Barley Grass

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