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Organic Chlorella for Better Health

Almost all health care practitioners, doctors, and nutritionists around the globe will prescribe to their patients to try and use of organic chlorella to maintain good health due to its natural benefits.
Organic Chlorella is one among other algae grown in fresh water and it is rich in nutrients and minerals for human consumption. The algae are only described organic when grown in fresh-pure water free from any kind of pollution.

Organic chlorella is a natural plant grown free of chemical contents since its grown free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticide and herbicides, making it unique and 100% natural and rich in nutrients and minerals. As its name suggests, organic chlorella has the highest amount of chlorophyll compared to any other plant. Almost half of its contents are made up of protein, making it an exceptional diet for vegetarians and a superfood for almost every one with the taste of organic food stuffs.

The wall covering chlorella is indigestible to human beings and so, it has to be broken down to unleash its beneficial contents. Due to its health benefit, it has grown to be a popular food supplement heavily stocked in all healthy food stores. Below is a summary of benefit of organic chlorella.

Healthy Benefits of Organic Chlorella

1. As a Heavy Metal Removal- Organic chlorella is a stand-alone detoxification for heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and the pesticides such as DDT and PCB not to mention its ability to boost immune system. Chlorella is also well known in Japan to help in neutralizing poisonous substance in body.

2. Improving Digestion System- Due to the high level of chlorophyll contents, organic chlorella is helpful to patients with persistent chronic bad breath. It also helps in relieving constipation.

3. Treating Cancer- Organic Chlorella has the ability to stimulate macrophages which boost the level of interferon hence enhancing the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria.

4. Helps to Balance body PH- The body pH is almost neutral. However, due to foodstuffs we take, it may vary creating conducive conditions for disease multiplication. Most diseases thrive and multiply in an acidic environment and since organic chlorella is alkaline in nature, it neutralizes the acid making it hard for diseases to survive.

5. Control blood sugar and blood pressure- In cases of hypoglycemia, chlorella aids in boosting the blood pressure back to normal level which is necessary for proper functioning of heart, brain and all metabolism processes.

Organic Chlorella is Alkaline in Nature

Studies are still ongoing to establish more health benefits, which can be achieved by the consumption of organic chlorella.

You can purchase Organic Chlorella for good health and vitality from Natural Health Organics online health foods store.


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