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  • Hilde Hemmes Herbals HerbaSlim New Generation Weight Loss Program
    Hilde Hemmes Herbals HerbaSlim New Generation Weight Loss Program

Hilde Hemmes Herbals HerbaSlim New Generation Weight Loss Program


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Quick Overview

Hilde Hemmes Herbals HerbaSlim New Generation Weight Loss Program

For over fifteen years HerbaSlim® has been Australia's leading weight loss program. As a result of extensive clinical studies, I have recently launched my new generation 'Never Hungry' program containing the original HerbaSlim® teabag blend. Now available in kit form, this revised, updated slimming program includes the scientifically-proven CarbMaster and LivaBoost capsules

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Hilde Hemmes Herbals HerbaSlim New Generation Weight Loss Program

Have you ever wondered why two people can eat exactly the same food, yet one puts on weight while the other doesn't? Is it because they eat too much? Don't do enough exercise? Eat the wrong food?

I asked myself these questions a few years ago when I was overweight. Like so many people, I tried a multitude of diets that involved counting endless calories - I became good at counting but my weight continued to climb!

Later I spent a number of weeks at a weight loss clinic in Europe, but despite my best efforts, lost very little weight. Disappointed, but not beaten, I decided to find out why so many people are faced with a lifetime battle to control those stubborn kilos.

After wading through mountains of weight loss rhetoric, I discovered possible and plausible reasons why so many people struggle to lose weight - a problem approaching epidemic proportions in our society:

  • people's metabolic rates can vary considerably
  • many overweight people fail to 'burn off' excess carbohydrates satisfactorily
  • carbohydrates actually provoke hunger.

If you are one of these people, the first step is to make the necessary changes to match your carbohydrate intolerance.

My improved HerbaSlim® New Generation Weight Loss Program is a modern approach to slimming and new in dietary thinking. It is neither difficult nor unrealistic to achieve your goal weight. For the first time you can be in control of your body weight without hunger pangs or cravings!

Unlike other eating plans, you will be surprised at the amount of tasty foods you can eat and still lose weight. You will not have to count endless calories, go hungry, exercise excessively or buy pre-packaged food/meal replacements.

In 1990, I created my original HerbaSlim® Never Hungry Program with its easy-to-follow eating plan. The program was very popular, because for the first time, people lost weight by enjoying tasty, readily-available food, without having to go hungry.

Over the years I have received many phone calls, letters, faxes and emails thanking me for the Never Hungry Weight Loss Program. Entire families have followed the eating directions and shed many kilos - it helps when several overweight family members go on the diet at the same time, because they can share meals and support each other.

According to an editorial in Woman's Day in 2001, a leading television actress lost an amazing 36 kg on my program. After many fad diets, she finally found the HerbaSlim® eating plan and dropped from size 22 to size 12. "For the first time in my life, I was told it was OK to eat ..." she said.

A prominent Melbourne radio personality rang to congratulate me by saying: "Hilde this is fantastic -I've lost 15 kg as a result of your HerbaSlim® Weight Loss Program and have maintained my good shape ever since".

People on the program have reported weight loss of up to 7 kilos in the first week. Many people have lost 10, 20, 30 and even more kilos without counting endless calories or suffering through starvation diets. Here are just some of those success stories:

"I am 10 kg lighter from your diet in 2 weeks" (email from B.R)

"I followed your program 99.9 % and have lost close to 30 kilos and still going strong - from size 20 to size 14" (J.S. Sydney)

"It's just over a week and I have lost 3 kilos but more importantly I feel absolutely amazed that I'm not hungry" (email from F.S)

"I lost 4 kg in the first seven days" (E.S. QLD)

"I have lost 35 kg ... I was a very heavy 100 kg and I'm down to 65 kg, only 8 kg to go" (E.R. Hamilton Island)

"In my first week I lost an incredible 4.5 kg and kept losing 1 kg to .5 kg for 10 weeks till I started to level out" (G.D. Broken Hill)

"I was 72 kg and now I am only 62 kg" (K.P. Leicester, UK)

"I have at last found a diet that suits me - I have lost 20 kilos! My grateful thanks once again" (P.H. Port Augusta)

"For the first time a diet that is working" (A.D. Ipswich)

"I think your diet concept is wonderful - I lost 25 kg..." (J. NSW)

"While on a visit to Australia I purchased your product ... I shed some excess weight without much effort on my part" (D.H. Belgium)

"... I am pleased to tell you I lost 8 kg on it in five weeks and feel great" (email from M.A)

Medicinal Use
During the first stage of my HerbaSlim® New Generation Program, you will lose weight quickly by limiting your intake of carbohydrates which are the hunger-stimulating and fattening foods. It's just a different way of eating (and one you will like) as you will be increasing your intake of satisfying foods.

The body will be drawing on stored fat, which results in rapid weight loss. Your body chemistry will change - a natural response and an indication that the unwanted fat is being burned up in your body. It is one of the first signs of a slimmer you!

During the second stage of my program you may choose from a selection of starch-based carbohydrate foods, providing you take CarbMasterTM capsules.

Active Ingredients
BowelKlenzTM 30 teabags (Hilde's original teabag blend) - aids in the relief of constipation.

LivaBoostTM 60 capsules - a liver formula and digestive aid to help the assimilation of fats due to insufficient bile and to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and liver/gallbladder function.

CarbMasterTM 60 capsules - promotes slimming by neutralising starch calories - it is a starch blocker!

Features / Benefits

  • Listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a herbal medicine.
  • Therapeutically effective formulae.
  • A guaranteed amount of active ingredients
  • Contains appropriate information based on latest findings.
  • Contains no artificial colours, preservatives, caffeine, gluten, sugars or lactose.
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules with no unpleasant taste (capsule shells made from vegetable origin).
  • Teabags are packed in long-life foil bags to retain freshness and potency.
  • Easy-to-follow eating directions enclosed.

BowelKlenz teabags - drink one or two cups as required.

LivaBoost capsules - take one capsule twice daily.

CarbMaster capsules - after 14 days take 2-4 capsules 1/2 hour before eating starchy foods.

Use only as directed.

This low carbohydrate program is designed for overweight people who are in good health.

If you have specific dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarians, vegans) or if your overweight symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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