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Organic Honey - As Sweet As

It goes without saying, as sweet as honey. Honey is mainly a natural product produced by bees using nectar and is considered the as the sweetest food. The quality of honey may greatly depend on the type flowers from which the nectar is collected and the method applied in harvesting and processing the honey.

Honey needs no preservatives and can stay forever without spoilage and the longer it stays the better it becomes. By evaporation and repeated regurgitation, bees transform the nectar into honey which is mainly their primary source of food stored in honey combs.

Uses of Honey

For cooking and as Food
Honey has been used for centuries as food. It is used for cooking, as a bread spread, for baking, additions to beverages like tea, and sweetener to wines and beers. Pure honey should be free of addition of either other types of sweeteners or water. Honey can be used to make honey wine or honey beer.

Honey is a main source of carbohydrates. It is usually contains 95% sugars and rest is made accommodates all other compounds. It is directly absorbed into our bodies providing almost instant energy for our bodies. It contains traces of minerals and vitamins. It also has antioxidants compounds like vitamin C, catalase and chrysin.

Traditionally, honey has been used by humans as medicine to treat ulcers, burns, wounds and gastric disturbances. Research has however revealed its antiseptic and antibacterial effects. Also, unfiltered pasteurized honey alleviates allergies. Buckwheat honey reduces cough and throat irritation. Modern research has proved that it can increase the performance of athletes by simply supplementing glycogen levels.

Our Most Common Types of Honey

We have many types of honey for our customers to choose from, the common ones include,

Crystallized honey-can also be called candied honey or granulated honey. This is because some of its glucose contents have spontaneously crystallized.

Pasteurized honey-this brand has been processed mainly by pasteurization and heating.

Raw honey-this is pure honey as it exists in the beehive. It is harvested by simply settling and straining without exposure to heat.

Strained honey- This honey has only been sieved to remove wax, propolis and other impurities but pollen grains, enzymes and minerals remain unaffected.

Filtered honey- In extracting this, we filter the honey to extend that all impurities. Particles, pollen grains air bubbles and all suspension that settle on top of honey are removed. It is very clear with no crystals and is easy to spread. It is the most common type to be found.


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