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Organic Maple Syrup

What is an organic food product?

Organic Food Products are those food items that are produced without the assistance of variant chemicals, pesticides or artificial substances.

What do we know about organic maple syrup?

  • Through a thorough investigation into the whole concept, we can assess that there is hardly any variance between the ingredients of a regular maple syrup and an organic maple syrup.
  • We can say this with a complete certainty that not all of the maple syrup is validated as organic, but predominantly all the maple syrups are made in identical ways.
  • To a greater part it can be agreed that that the producers are organic, but without being accredited as such. If the producers request for it, they are certified as organic maple syrup producers and receive a certificate stating it.
  • What is rather astonishing is that most of the producers do not even ask for the certification.

Guidelines for Organic Certification

  • While going for organic certification, the number of taps per tree has to be restricted.
  • Diversity has to be maintained by the farmers in the forests to ascertain that the other competing tree species are not cut down.
  • There has to be the sole use of boilers and stainless steel tanks for getting to the business of organic food processing.

Process of Making the Syrup

  • We can determine that the syrup is generally made from the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple or black maple trees. Although it can also be made through the use of other brackets of maple as well.
  • In the wintry climatic conditions, these trees cache starch in their trunks and roots before the onset of winter; from where it is then transformed into sugar that rises in the months of spring. Maple trees can be broached by drilling holes into their trunks and gathering the sap that is exuded.
  • We conclude by saying that the sap is then further processed by warming to vaporize the water, leaving the dense syrup behind.

Recognized Organic Maple Syrups

Some of the recognized Maple Syrups in the category of Organic are given below:

  • Slope side Syrup
  • Fadden’s Maple Syrup
  • Crown Maple Syrup
  • Hilltop Boilers Pure Maine Maple Syrup
  • Brown Family Farm Syrup

Benefits of Maple Syrup

Consuming organic food items and drinks is truly beneficial and healthy for consumers.

  • Most importantly, this maple syrup is very beneficial for those people who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.  The maple syrup contains natural phenols that act as an antioxidant for diabetic people.
  • The natural phenols present in Maple Syrup encumber two different enzymes that have a direct relation with the occurrence of Diabetes.
  • Moreover, maple syrup contains Manganese and Zinc that are basically the trace minerals contributing towards strengthening the immune system of people.

Maple Syrup

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