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Preservative-Free and Additive-Free Raw Cacao Powder

If it weren’t for the cacao tree, humans wouldn’t have come to experience chocolates. But more than just a main ingredient of chocolates, the cacao or cocoa tree (cocoa is the Anglicised term) has done a lot of health wonders for humans, ever since the time of the Mayans and Aztecs in Central and South America where the tree originated.

Aside from chocolates, there are various cocoa products being released to the market, especially those associated with improving nutrition and overall health. However, many of these products are highly processed. When raw cocoa is subjected to excessive heat during processing, most, if not all, of its heat-sensitive antioxidant properties and nutrients are lost. When preservatives and other additives are mixed in, the overall nutritive value of the products further diminishes.

The organic raw cacao powder products we have here in our online health food store are made from fresh cocoa beans that underwent as minimal processing as possible. In producing raw cacao powder, fats and oil (or the cocoa butter) are extracted from the grated beans, so that the powder becomes dissolvable in liquids. To retain the cacao’s nutrients even in its powdered state, we ensure it does not undergo a temperature beyond 40 degrees Celsius during processing.

Natural Health Organics’ minimally processed raw cacao powder has a natural, savoury taste and is guaranteed organic, with most of the cacao’s important nutrients still intact.

Raw Cacao Powder Offering Various Health Benefits

Cocoa is jam-packed with healthy minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, chromium, manganese, sulphur, and more. These minerals are essential for all our body systems to function well. Magnesium helps control blood pressure and improves overall cardiovascular health. It also strengthens the bones. Zinc boosts the immune system and promotes faster wound healing. Iron facilitates red blood cell formation for better oxygen distribution throughout the body. All the other minerals in cacao have many special benefits for specific body systems.

Vitamins B complex, E, and K are also present in cocoa beans. Respectively, they improve nerve function, has antioxidant properties, and promotes better blood clotting. Raw cacao powder is an awesome supplement drink that can improve your overall health, especially if you take it regularly along with some of our Herbs of Gold products.

Your Source of Protein and Antioxidants – Raw Cacao Powder

Cocoa serves as a great antioxidant and a rich source of protein. We all know that protein is greatly needed by the body to build and repair tissues, for the synthesis of important enzymes and other body chemicals, and for better musculoskeletal function and skin integrity.

As an antioxidant, cocoa helps reduce the signs of aging and enhances metabolism. Raw cacao powder, along with our natural skincare products like Rosehip oil, Aloe Vera, and other organic beauty products, will give you a healthier and more youthful glow. It helps fight free radicals that cause cancer and other minor to major body ailments.

Regular intake of raw cacao powder also boosts the body’s energy and uplifts the mood. It does not only taste great, it makes humans happy and feel better generally, as well. Cocoa has mood-elevating properties that stimulate brain chemicals like serotonin and endorphins, which are neurotransmitters associated with positive thoughts and emotions.

Have some of Natural Health Organics’ natural and raw cocoa, and rejuvenate both your mind and body to achieve improved overall wellness.

Raw Cacao Powder

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