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Do you suffer from a Itchy throat, Watery Eyes or Sneezing‎

Allergies are probably the most common ailment among the human species today. It seems like nearly everyone is allergic to something. The severity of someone’s allergies can also vary dramatically. For example some people are thrown into fits of sneezing at the smell or contact with animals or the fur, while other people may be deathly allergic to even the slightest contact with shellfish. Generally speaking, allergies are a condition of the immune system and the abnormal reaction it has when in contact with a particular substance.

Hay Fever is a Common Type of Allergy

As was briefly touched on earlier, people can be allergic to all different kinds of things. Here you will find an outline of some of the most common allergies we as humans have today To begin with, some folks find themselves allergic to certain drugs. This can be very detrimental to a person’s health, because if they become sick and only one particular drug can cure them, they may have an allergic reaction when injecting the drug.

Another common type of allergy is food allergies. This can be anything from strawberries to peanuts. The range is vast, and nearly every food out there has an individual (or individuals) that have an immune system unable to process it.

Seasonal allergies, or hay fever, are another, more taxing, form of allergies. They can be more taxing because of the nature of the allergy. They last all season, so you could be stuck with a runny nose for months. A prime example of this would be the kid in your grade school class that always seemed sick during the spring. It might not have been that he or she was sick, necessarily, but, rather, they could have had allergic reactions to all the pollen in the air.

Have you Tried Natural Allergy Remedies

There are also several remedies that one can use in order to relieve allergic reactions. Some are natural, while others are drug based. For more severe allergies, Benadryl shots are the preferred method of relief. This is exceptionally beneficial to individuals who are deathly allergic to a particular food, or something of that nature. For example, if you are deathly allergic to shellfish and you consume a soup made with shrimp, simply inject your Benadryl shot (usually in the leg), and let the medicine work its magic.

Although, drugs might not really be your thing, you may consider yourself more of a granola person, there are natural remedies for allergies too. One of the most common of these is apple cider vinegar, a very old trick used to treat a variety of health problems. Simply mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water a day, and this serves as a long-term combatant to allergic reactions. Nettle leaf is also another good option, and can be used to mix into tea to reach similar benefits.

Allergies and Hayfever

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