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Strengthen your Immune System and Fight Cold Sores

People are in a constant touch with the environment and the environment is in turn harboring a lot of infectious agents. These agents can be of bacterial or viral origin. These agents upon infection affect health to a great extent and sometimes can claim life. The body’s immune system constantly fights with such agents to protect the body from getting infected. Once infected however medical attention is considered to get the situation set right.

There are many such infections and it causes a of body problems. However, to adapt to healthy lifestyle can sometimes protect from deadly infections. One of the severe conditions of a viral infection is cold sores.

Relieve the Symptoms of Cold Sores

Cold sores are a condition wherein blisters are being formed in and around the lip and are red in color. The blisters might at some point of time open up to ooze out clear fluid; this will leave a scab that might remain for one or two days. The organism responsible for this condition is a virus called herpes simplex virus (HSV). There exists two form HSV 1 and HSV 2, both of them responsible to form cold sores near the lips and genitals. This is a severe condition and can lead to some other complicated situation if not addressed at the right time.

HSV is not air borne and enters the body through body fluids, this includes blood, and saliva etc. an infected parent might as well transfer the same to their children by just give them an assuring kiss. The cold sores are not localized only to lips but might spread to other parts of the body too.

Advance the Healing Stage of Cold Sores

Usually, cold sores begin with a pain near the lips and develop fever and severe body pain. Cold sore affects all the age groups and usually in non-curable. The virus infects the body and stays over for life, whenever the immune system is strong then sore will not appear and vice versa. Once the blisters appear it will stay over for the next two weeks causing extreme pain and swelling. Over the period of time the frequency of occurrence of cold sores will reduce for sure but might a long time to go.

Since there is no proven cure, precautionary measures beforehand can help refrain from HSV infections:

  • Do not come in any contact with a person suffering from such a condition and avoid crowded shabby places.
  • Do not share a thing with the person bearing the virus for e.g. utensils, clothes, cosmetics etc.

Be safe and be fit always.

Cold Sores

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