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A Therapeutic Relaxation Technique - Ear Candles

Ear candling is a common practice in holistic medicine and alternative therapy all over the world. Although the origin is a bit unclear, the practice has been around for hundreds of years. It is practiced by people of all ages. The art of ear candling is performed by first having the patient lay on their side or put their head down on a table or soft surface. A hollow candle is then placed in the patient’s ear and the wick end of the candle is lit. Often, a paper plate or other object is used to protect the face from hot dripping wax. The procedure can last from fifteen minutes to an hour or more. It is said to be a relatively noninvasive procedure.

Ear Candles can be used to Treat many Common Aliments

In recent years, the mass production of the ear candle has cheapened the practice. Large companies sometimes use cheap paraffin or chunky beeswax to widen the profit margin. There is a widely accepted misconception that ear candling is a hoax when in fact cheap wax with a low melting point is more to blame. In order to get the most benefit from ear candling one needs to use candles made with a high quality food grade wax. Ideally these candles have a higher melting point, a decreased soot rate, and are slower burning. The wick on these candles should also be thinner and of the same consistency all the way through. This will produce the smoothest and best quality burn for the therapy. Of course, one should always enlist the help of a person well experienced in the industry.

Aliments and Side Effects of Ear Candles

Ear Candling is believed to treat many common aliments including swimmer’s ear, excess ear wax, and sinus pain. When practiced properly, with high quality products, ear candling is believed to promote clear thinking and help remove toxins from the body. The side effects of ear candling are relatively few, although not always minor. They include burns from hot wax and temporary hearing loss due to candle wax blocking the ear canal. Among the more extreme side effects is a puncture to the ear drum which can lead to permanent damage. It is believed by some that the results achieved with this holistic approach outweigh the possible dangers of the side effects. If you intend to practice ear candling you should always enlist the help of a properly trained professional who has had many years of practice and make sure to use the highest quality candles. This will ensure the safest procedure and the best results.

Ear Candles

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