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Gas Pain and the Human Body

Gas passing through your system by way of belching and flatulence is completely natural. It is a byproduct of your body's normal way of going about digesting the food we eat. But sometimes our digestive system runs into an issue. Too much air is inhaled while we eat and we have a larger flatulence problem than usual. Our system doesn't quite agree with something we eat and we end up bloating due to a gas buildup. But there are steps that can be taken to counter this uncomfortable situation.

Swallowed air and indigestion are a few of the main culprits of flatulence. Lactose intolerance is also high on the list. As far as swallowed air is concerned, that isn't that easy to counter. The human body is designed to take in air and you can't eat without opening your mouth. As a result, you will have to take in some air when you eat. Indigestion and lactose intolerance are a different matter entirely. This can be fixed by adjusting what you eat. Lactose intolerance has a tendency to lead to a large amount of flatulence. It occurs when a person eats dairy products and their digestive system cannot process lactose, which is a naturally occurring sugar in dairy products.

Give Me Lactose or Give Me Death!

So you're lactose intolerant but not ready to give up that nightly bowl of ice cream? Well, your digestive tract might be stronger than you think. You have probably gauged yourself on the amount of dairy you can handle already and haven't given it much thought. One bowl of ice cream might not bother you but two will. A small amount of milk with your cereal won't bother you but if you filled it to the rim you’d never get a night’s or day's rest. You can look into milk alternatives. You have soy and rice milk as a choice. These milks also come in different flavors. It could be a nice spin on things to enjoy vanilla flavored soy milk along with your favorite kind of frosted flakes.

The Whole Bloated Truth

In some cases, gas can build up in your system instead of making an exit as it usually would. This buildup is known as bloating and can lead to a large amount of pain. You can reduce this by taking your time when you eat, not smoking and controlling heartburn. A mistake that many people make is believing that antacids can help with gas pain and bloating. Reducing stomach acid actually has the potential to increase the discomfort associated with gas pain by slowing down your body's defenses. Smoking naturally puts more air into your system, so along with other health risks it can create; it does you no favor with regards to your digestive tract.

Try Natural Remedies to help ease the Pain

There are natural and medicinal remedies available to assist with gas pain and bloating. Herbal remedies such as chamomile, cinnamon and basil have a soothing effect on gas pain. Yogurt does wonders for your digestive tract by adjusting the level of probiotic bacteria that live in your gut. Pickles and buttermilk are also good for this. Properly maintaining gut flora has been shown to have very positive effects on digestion. There are a myriad of anti-gas medicines that are available to you. Many of them are antacids. Lactaid pills are available. They are to be taken right before consuming dairy and can assist your digestion of milk and milk containing products. It must be reiterated that it is normal to have some gas but if you encounter routine and elevated pain and discomfort, then you should consult your doctor.

Flatulence Bloating Gas Pain

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