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Greater risk of Haemorrhoids with Processed Foods

Health is wealth and so one goes to any extent protecting it. Better diet or rather a balanced diet with a top up of exercise help keep the body healthy and fit. There are numerous problems that surface due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors route most of the health problems to a lack of a proper balanced diet. Diet provides the necessary nutrition or the right fuel that is required to run the body. Lack of any of the essential ingredients will lead to complications upon a period of time. That is the reason why the importance of a balanced diet is stressed on.

Balanced Diet to avoid Haemorrhoids

One such complication that arises due to a lack of a proper diet is haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are usually called as piles and are most common in older men than women. This doesn’t rule out the chances of occurrence in younger men and women. It surfaces due to lack of a proper diet. Basically, the physical condition results in swelling up of veins near the anal area. The vascular structure near the anus undergoes a high strain and results in the vein swelling. The surrounding tissues also swell up. This is a common problem and usually is not serious. But the pain can be excruciating. There are two types of haemorrhoids that are common. External hemorrhoids result due to the swelling up of veins outside the anal opening and internal hemorrhoids are caused due to the swelling internally near the opening. Depending on the type the treatment is advised and opted.

Insufficient Dietary Fibers can cause Haemorrhoids

The main cause for a hemorrhoid is due to undue pressure put on the pelvic region and rectal areas. This again may be due to the pressure exerted during bowel movements. The tissues near the anal opening or the surrounding area is filled with blood and fluids to control bowel movements. Over exercising this activity can lead to hemorrhoid or piles. Another cause attributed to this fact is lack of dietary fibers. Dietary fibers function to keep the stool normal. Less water intake can again lead to such a condition. There are no external forces that will cause piles. It has all got to do with the diet and lifestyle. Very rarely, it has been observed that pregnant women have reported haemorrhoids, this is due to the heavy weight that is present during the pregnancy. However, this can again be tackled with a proper diet and exercise.

Have a balanced lifestyle, and never say Hi! to piles or hemorrhoids.


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