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Do you Live or Work in a stressful Environment

There have been many cases of nervous conditions being misdiagnosed as something else and the patient being treated in the wrong way for something they don’t even have to begin with. But what actually causes being nervous?

It could be a very normal response to a stressful or intimidation situation going on in someone’s life at the moment. A person meeting someone for the first time, or having to give a speech or something as simple as a doctor’s appointment. These types of things are normal for almost all of us but some have a higher amount of stress hormones being released into our system and don’t handle it quite as well.

What would be some of the signs of being nervous? With all the different types of people there are also many different signs they exhibit when they become nervous.

Some Signs of Nervous Conditions would be:

  • Trembling
  • Feeling restless and agitated
  • Sweaty hands
  • Upset stomach and feeling nauseated
  • Being out of breath
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Dizzy or feeling fuzzy
  • Dry mouth

These and others will let you in on the fact that you are most likely a bit nervous. Most likely what is causing the indicators are simply that you are stressed out a bit. Many of us are just a little more prone or we could have an underlying condition causing the nervous conditions mentioned above.

Some of the things that could be making us feel more anxious than others would be that you have an anxiety disorder, hyperactivity problems, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), hyperthyroidism or one of many medications that you are taking that can increase tension. Of course there is always the use of illicit drugs that can do lots of things to your system.

What can you do to either stop these nervous conditions or at least slow them down? Well, there are actually some foods that can help. All of your carbs such a breads, pasta and potatoes can act as very mild tranquilizers on your body. Proteins such as scallops, beans, salmon and chicken contain nervous ridding vitamins like B. you can also eat bell peppers mushrooms and yellow corn. Stay away from caffeine and hold off on the chocolates.

Try these few hints to help you get through your Nervous Condition.

  • Breathe deeper and hold your breath more than normal.
  • Stop any negative thinking if you can. It will just make you more nervous.
  • Prepare for whatever is making you jittery. Plan and it will lessen your fears.
  • Try to take deep breaths to keep from speeding up everything such as your speaking.
  • Don’t let yourself become frustrated. You will do just fine and stay in control.

Keep yourself as calm and in control as possible and you will be surprised at how easily you can control your nervousness. You can do just fine on your own.

Nervous condition

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