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Tinea can be picked up from shower floor

Individuals with tinea may begin to feel itchy or uncomfortable, or notice changes in their skin. This is because tinea is an infection. It can affect you nearly anywhere. The scalp, torso, and foot, and anywhere else on the body, are at risk. It is important to note, however, that tinea may also go with a variety of other infections. While they are all infections, the source and type differ. It is important to know what you have when you suspect tinea. Even within the same type of tinea, the choice in treatment is not always the same. Make sure that you visit a doctor for the highest quality of help with this.

Common area for Tinea infection are feet, groin and scalp

You do not get tinea from being dirty in most cases. The environment, oily skin, and hormones are a few causes. Think about it as any other yeast, including yeast on food. It goes to a certain type of environment, one that can help it to stay alive. You do not have to be dirty to have this type of infection. This does make it difficult to avoid it, but it is possible if you are careful. Staying out of hot, humid environments and trying to avoid oily skin are a few ways that you can lower your risk.

When you have tinea, you will notice it rather quickly. It changes the appearance of your skin, making certain areas blotchy. They can be one of a few colors, such as white or pink. If you tan, that appearance will become more apparent. What you will notice, as well, is the itchy or scaly feeling. It will cause discomfort, and it is something that you will want gone immediately. In cool temperatures, it does go away. The problem is that it may still be there when the heat comes back. Even if you do stay in a cool environment for as long as you can, you are not removing the yeast itself. It may not pose a large risk to your health, but it is still something that you should remove.

Antifungal treatment will help rid Tinea symptoms.

Over-the-counter treatments do exist. You can find a variety of these types of treatments at nearly any store. They should do the job in a quick, effective manner. If they do not, then visit a doctor to receive higher quality prescriptions. No matter what, you should take action right away so that the tinea is not continuing to put you or your body in any sort of risk.


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