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Varicose Veins can cause Health Problems

Most people can see their veins. Typically, they are thin blue lines just under the skin. For some, they are thicker and they begin to push against the skin. When veins become enlarged, they are called varicose veins. A large number of individuals, especially those who are older, begin to see these types of veins appearing. They seem to pop out of the skin, and, to those with little knowledge of them, they may see off-putting or a bit frightening. For the most part, they are not a danger to your health. There are negative aspects to them, but they are few.

Varicose Veins commonly occur in the legs

The reason for varicose veins is not known at the moment. Right now, there are only theories as to why people experience them. While there is an agreement that there is damage, the exact cause of the damage remains unknown for now. It could be hereditary or it could be based on the individual. Further testing is necessary to truly understand the reason behind varicose veins. Other outside situations can cause, increase the likelihood for, or worsen varicose veins. Obesity, pregnancy, and age are a few of them. In these situations, you are more likely to have varicose veins. You will probably know you have varicose veins. In appearance, the veins will enlarge and they will feel different. They are far from the normal veins. Due to the decreased efficiency, you may also notice physical side effects, such as pain. Your legs are in poorer condition overall with varicose veins. It is important to note, however, that symptoms change from person to person. Like any other condition, it depends largely on the individual.

Lack of exercise can cause Varicose Veins

If the condition worsens, including pain or other serious side effects, do contact a medical professional. You do not want to let the condition continue if it is affecting your daily life or putting your health at risk. At a doctor’s office, you can ask about treatments. Several treatments exist, such as lasers, that can reduce or eliminate varicose veins. These will reduce the symptoms so that they are not affecting you nearly as much as they did.

Varicose Veins

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